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Mom and Dad have been here this past week. Lillian seems to be at ease with them after a couple days. These shots are from our tour around campus. Lillian decided to cross this little creek and at one point ended getting soaked. So the next photo is taken only 20 minutes or so later. Here they are waiting in the shade. I remembered to pack an extra pair of shorts, but not a shirt. "Texas-style" as one person commented.

Our State Capitol

We took a field trip down to Austin this past weekend since Kevin was visiting. Sites included the Zilker Botanical Gardens, the largest Whole Foods store (with lots of sampling and 80,000 square ft to cover), and our State Capital building. We also drove through the University of Texas' campus and saw their huge football stadium.

Kyle saves a life

We went to a Texas Rangers game yesterday with Kevin (Kyle's brother), David, Mandy, and Shannon (Mandy's sister). The Rangers won 3-2 against the Toronto BlueJays. Every time a home run was hit fireworks went off and The Natural music played. Lillian seemed to enjoy the entertainment, mostly the people watching. We had amazing seats thanks to grandparents of Kevin's friend. We sat overlooking third plate in the front row of the upper deck. It took me about 20 minutes or so to stop worrying about the possibility of one of us falling since the railing was pretty low. At one point a foul ball came right at me and once it was close enough I decided I didn't really feel like sticking my hand out to catch it. So Kyle did. And the guy sitting right behind us exclaimed "You saved my life man." His hand was a little red and he was shaking from the adrenaline rush.

The day was a lot more fun than I'd anticipated. We'll have to go back since the cheap…