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Quiet time


Favorite place on earth

Oregon Coast, at least one of our favorite places.  Kyle and I always thought the cliffs looked a bit like the front end of an elephant with it's tusk dropping into the water.

Last time we were there was when we went over the long weekend of BC day in August 2005.  A friend was getting married in Portland but we knew we had to include a visit to the coast.

We did drive by I think in May 2008 on our way to Port Orchard but I don't think we had time to stop since we had to get the (unplanned) rental car turned in.  Wonder when we'll have the chance to get back?

Mother's Day celebrated

This Mother's Day Lillian and the boys worked together during the weekend to put together a treasure hunt. Along the way I found clues and drawings/ crafts from each of them.



Kite Festival 2014

In comparison to:

Growing kids

I was very tardy in setting up the kids well visits at the doctor.  The doctor's office scheduled it two months away and then called to delay it even more.  So April 30, we finally went.  The PA lined them up on the table and checked them off.   Ears....good, heartbeat...good, reflexes...good.

Here are their measurements.

Lillian 4'4" 58 lbs (68th for ht, 48th for wt)

Jack 3'10" 44 lbs (85th for ht, 58th for wt)

Wes 3'3" 33 lbs (14th for ht, 18th for wt)