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Hurry up and write

Quick while Lillian is still sleeping a 2+ hour midday nap (and Jackson too sick to show up today) I'll write a few words.

Yesterday was incredible, it rained hard and long. Another big dead branch fell from one of our trees in the front. I'm not sure if this will help my cause in convincing Kyle that we don't need to buy a chainsaw (to cut down dead branches, and anything else around the home). We also realized after our patio disappeared under water that it's not a good storage spot. However with today's sun it has already dried up so maybe we'll venture out for our lunch.

Not much to report since Kyle's London adventures. We have been enjoying some true english tea in the morning (and afternoon) which has tasted very nice with shortbread. Kyle is currently recovering from a bad sprain on Friday at his regular bball game. Fortunately it's not as bad as we'd thought - the RICE therapy working well. He was able to go on his field trip toda…

Lilly of the Field


He was really there and now he's really back. Safe and sound and of course busy already. We had a couple hours on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. Kyle even made a potoftea for breakfast Monday morning.

London Day 7

Kyle had the day to roam the city and check out a couple sites he didn't get to with the big group. They leave the hotel tomorrow at 7am and should get home around 5pm or so. He'll probably be wiped out though we do have his birthday to celebrate!

London Day 6

I didn't get to speak to Kyle yet regarding his adventures in Canterbury and Dover on Friday. I'm assuming these are some of the sites he viewed.



London Day 5

Exploits for Thursday included (but not limited to):

Westminster Abby

Westminster Abby Entrance

Landscaping outside the Globe Theatre

Changing of the guard

March Fun

London Day 4

The British Library

St Paul's Cathedral

New Look

As you can see, I'm trying to change the look of the blog though really it started out with just trying to add a couple new things. So now I've lost some of the old things I did like and it may take me awhile to figure it all out. Maybe I should just dive in and pick upa HTML a book at the library. I like doing this sort of thing it just takes forever especially when you don't know what you are doing.

In other news, Lillian and I have been having fun hanging out here. Yesterday we went to the zoo and were shocked to see it was packed - oh right, spring break. In the past the parking lot has had maybe a dozen cars. Yesterday they were using parking attendants to get us all in. I think Lillian might have enjoyed the kid-watching over the animals. It's still surprising to come around the corner and see a lion.

London Day 3

The Eagle and Child (C.S. Lewis Pub)
It has become the destination for literary pilgrimages because of its reputation as the haunt of the Inklings from 1939 to 1962. The Inklings was a writers' group which included J. R. R. Tolkien (of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fame) and C. S. Lewis. They met there every Tuesday morning to drink and talk, usually in an area at the back of the pub, which was then a private sitting room and is now known as the Rabbit Room. Contrary to popular impression (and also contrary to the plaque posted in the pub), the Inklings did not read their manuscripts to each other in the pub: these readings took place at evening meetings usually in Lewis's college rooms. The Inklings changed allegiance in 1962 by moving across St Giles' to the Lamb and Flag pub, but it is the Eagle and Child's Rabbit Room that attracts visitors. It has become something of a mark of distinction for Tolkien fans to make a "pilgrimage" (as a Mecca of sorts) to th…

London Day 2

Another beautiful day visiting Bloomsbury Baptist Church, the British Museum, and the Tower of London. He seems to be enjoying it all despite the jetlag. He's looking forward to Oxford tomorrow. It was good to talk with him though brief - Skype (phone thru the computer) cost just 2c a minute, so I guess I'll call every night, why not?!

British Museum
Tower of London

London Day 1

Buckingham Palace
Piccadilly Circus
St James Park
Trafalgar Square
These are just a few of the sights that Kyle toured today. They got in at 7:00am after flying all night. They didn't have a lot planned today - just a walking tour and then on your own. The weather was great today and should be most of the week - 50's and no rain.

Red balloon

While I'm sitting at the computer, Lilly is currently outside playing (by herself) on the steps with her newly acquired red balloon (thanks to our local HEB grocery store). These are two things that will keep her occupied for 15 - 30 minutes - the steps and balloons that is. Of course now she has to negotiate the steps while holding onto the string or does she take a step up and then reach back down to retrieve it. All this takes lots of practice and even a comment now and then. She also has the birds and neighbor dogs to distract her. So you see, she has a full afternoon in front of her.

I thought I would mow the lawn today but - I can't believe I'm saying this already - it's too hot. Besides, it's teatime and my iced tea pot is calling.

P.S. I am only 5 steps away and watching her constantly. Besides I'm helping her find her independence, right? :)

New features

The below site (click on the picture) makes it possible to order/print pictures from our blog. Currently Picasa has loaded all our pictures from December to now but soon the rest should go up too. This is just a great new feature that Blogger has set up for us.

Between Here and There

And he's off

Leaving Saturday afternoon with an A.M. arrival in London on Sunday. I'm hoping to post his travel information daily so we can enjoy the trip with him, in a way.

Those of us at home welcome all calls and visits!!!

Photo Shoot 0307

Get Ready...

'cause here I come.

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