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Texas Bluebonnets

It is the thing to do. Family pictures sitting in a field of bluebonnets. I knew it wouldn't really work out this year. We tried anyway.

All tuckered out

We went on one short errand today and that's it. The rest of the time he spent wandering around the house and backyard seeing what he could carry around and what was good for destroying. Guess it was enough to wear him out.

I left him alone eating his lunch on the back porch. This is how we found him.

Lillian May

Lillian and I are battling these days. I didn't know 4 year olds could be like this. My parenting skills need to seriously step up a few notches. Book suggestions anyone? And of course, even then, the hard part is implementing all the good ideas. Maybe we should consider school for her next year after all. Part of her attitude toward me is just having too much energy and not really having a good place to immerse herself. When is the governess going to show up or the art director or the dance instructor or the chorus director?

Such a pretty smile.

Staying at home gets us into Trouble

We are at home today because Jack has a bad cold and Kyle needed the van. Plus I'm constantly trying to win the battle vs. the house in cleanliness. The house has been winning since Jack was born. But I'm going to conquer before May comes!

We had our lunch outside because it is absolutely (really really) perfect today. As usual Wes was occupying the swinig and after getting fussy I decided the fleece full onesie was probably too warm. So what did I do, strip him down to just the birthday suit. Of course, he took advantage on the situation by peeing all over me and the phone and himself. At this point I realized he definitely needed a bath. The duckie bath is my favorite but I think it's best outside. Wes loved it, I think he could have enjoyed another 30 minutes.

Wow, this boy is chubby!

Since Jack always makes a mess at mealtime (and it'd been awhile since he'd been cleaned) I stuck him in too.

When I set the kids free after naptime, Jack quickly found th…

Jack kisses Wes

Help Yourself

When Jack was a baby, I decided to create a snack drawer with items that Lillian could help herself to when needed (and asked). It worked pretty well because often I was stuck on the couch feeding Jack and she could go into the kitchen and basically feed herself. However, now that Jack is the toddler and Wes the baby, a new strategy is needed. He's constantly going to the snack drawer and bringing it to me with a grunt to please open (still no words). This can happen at all times of the day, even right after a meal. The problem is that only once in a while do I say yes - the rest of the time the snacks end up unopened and on the floor.

Here he is feeding himself grapes.


I've been trying to work on Wes's sleep patterns. We are getting there. He now can sleep 8-9 hours at night without a feeding. Now I just need to figure out his plan from 5pm - bedtime. It's currently 8:30, he's been awake probably at least 3 hours and I fed him at 7:00pm. He's in his bed screaming - wanting to come hang out with Mom and Dad most likely. I can't complain though; I'm loving the extended night sleep.

We are a family

Big sister, Big brother, Little brother

Sunday Shoot

I couldn't help but share the rest.

Spring 2009



Today, to commemorate Rachel's gall bladder surgery, I am reminiscing about my gallstone attacks, the gall bladder cleanse, and then the eventual gall bladder surgery. For whatever reason gallstones are more likely to form and cause problems during and after pregnancy (I knew all the medical reasoning back in 2006 but I forget now - you can look it up). Anyway, it's a horrible pain and you never know how long one attack can be. Rachel and I both ended up at ERs due to the pain because you really think you are dying and there's no possible way you could make it any longer. Even though I knew there was nothing that could be done I still managed to call 911. Of course that time the pain stopped right before they arrive, which is good but quite embarrassing. Rachel and I both agree that the pain is worse than labor. (And she was drugfree!)
When Lillian was 6 weeks old, I decided to do a gallbladder cleanse to perhaps avoid the surgery. The picture of me on my side is th…

Ready to Ride

We find ourselves driving around town a lot and usually the kids do fine. In fact, it's a little bit of down time for me so I don't mind loading them up for wherever we are heading. The kids sit in the back, I sit up front and listen to my music, and we stay pretty happy. Here's a nice shot of Jack and Lillian.

Well checkups

Lillian now weighs 37lbs and is 43 inches.
Jack weighs 23lbs and 30 inches tall.
Wes weighs 12lbs 14oz and is 22 inches.

Jack walking around the church courtyard.
Kids refusing to take a good pic.
Except this exceptionally cute one.
Big t-shirts for little people - before bedtime.

Our Boys

Thanks to JT and William Zuba for the matching tees. They look so cute, I'm sure this is just the first of many times that I'll put them in matching clothes.

Good Friday

THE FIRST STATION: Jesus is Condemned to Die
SECOND STATION: Jesus Takes Up His Cross
THIRD STATION: Jesus Falls the First Time
FOURTH STATION: Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother
FIFTH STATION: The Cross is Laid on Simon of Cyrene
SIXTH STATION: A Woman Wipes the Face of Jesus
SEVENTH STATION: Jesus Falls a Second Time
EIGHTH STATION: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
NINTH STATION: Jesus Falls a Third Time
TENTH STATION: Jesus is Stripped of his Garments
ELEVENTH STATION: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
TWELFTH STATION: Jesus Dies on the Cross
THIRTEENTH STATION: The Body of Jesus is Placed in the Arms of His Mother
FOURTEENTH STATION: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb