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Grocery shopping

Just ain't the same without you Jake.

With or Without You

Hey guys, if you're not coming now, I'll go by myself!!!


Friends from Vancouver visit Waco
Daddy and Lilly at the park.

Zoo video

Together again


The Zoo!

In the attempt to "show Waco" we finally ventured out to the zoo at Cameron Park. Mike, Tracy, and Jake are visiting and since the sun came out today, the zoo was just the place to go. And it was amazing. There are a ton of animals including lions, tigers, and bears...oh my. So now that we've discovered this great place we are definitely going lots more - we even bought a one year membership - so we have to go:)

Happy Birthday

We celebrated Lillian's 1st birthday on January 16th.

Helping Mommy clean up.
Birthday wishes.
Reading her birthday cards.
Height compared to Daddy - 1/16/07

Winter Wonderland

Ice, sleet, and snow have been in the weather this week with a little bit more to come. Although mostly staying inside to keep warm and dry we have manage to venture out for a very short walk. Kyle was home with us yesterday for the MLK holiday and was hoping for school to be cancelled today. Can you believe a 30 year student still hopes for snowdays?

Happy New Year!!!


Photo Shoot #21

One of the best parts of spending Christmas in Ohio was seeing the two cousins interacting with each other. Gideon is about 5 weeks older than Lillian. He's walking around like a pro and his favorite word is "light" which he says almost constantly. There were lots of opportunities to get them together for pictures. This one is in honor of their Canadian connections as the shirts show: Lillian as a citizen and Gideon as offspring from parents who met in Canada - "The 40", Duncan, BC to be exact.

Baby sis to Uganda

Hey everyone, just thought I would send a link to Rachel's new site for those of you for are not in direct contact with her. She's still working on raising her support and hopes to leave ASAP. Click on picture for link to her site.

We'll be posting Christmas pics and news soon...