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Wishin', Hopin', Dreamin'

Sorry about the previous post. I've had a heck of a time trying to get photos to post. And what's a post without a shot of Lillian?

Anyway, this one was taken today as she and Kyle read through the Sunday paper. I'm not sure what's she's thinking. Do you?

I had a nice talk with Rachel yesterday and she was able to see us using Skype video. What different worlds we are in - but it was fun to hear her voice even if only for a short time.

The Weekend

Friday I made the rash decision to cut Lillian's hair, just her bangs though. She was in the habit of pulling her clips out and her hair completely covered her eyes. So using rounded nail clipping scissors I made three quick cuts as she squirmed. I think it looks very cute but it does seem to give her a different look. You can kinda tell in these two shots.

Saturday we went to the Baylor vs Texas football game. It was a beautiful day and I was surprised at how close the players were and easy to watch even though we sat at the top to give Lillian some wiggle room. I think this was possibly my third football game ever. We all got a little sunburned otherwise it was a great time. Hopefully we'll get to go to another.

Sunday was a church celebration at the Waco Suspension bridge. Lilly and I rode the trolley (about 6 blocks) and she was enthralled. I'm not sure if was the seatbelt-less voyage or all the people. Once we got there lunch was served on the bridge cro…

New Babies

Congratulations to the new Moms out there! Our local zoo has two new squirrel monkeys that cling tightly to their mothers as they jump between branches. Our Vancouver friends Mike and Tracy are taking a more active role by holding tightly to their new daughter Emma, born Sunday morning. Both Mom and daughter came home from the hospital the same day and are doing great. Older brother Jake has already said "Hi Emma".
I'm not really comparing the two newborns, it's just that I think these little monkeys are cute, at least from behind the fencing.

Milk and Grapefruit don't mix

Why won't this girl eat fruit?! This is the way NOT to do it I realize.

She does seem to eat mango at least.

Where are you Fall?

It was cool enough on Thursday for Lillian and I to walk up to H.E.B (our local grocery store) to pick up some lunch and head over to Starbucks for a picnic lunch and visit Mandy. But it was warm enough to need to jump in the pool after naptime.

I wrote this last week. I've had trouble uploading pics so I didn't post at that time. This week it did cool down and we've opened the windows finally and even needed a blanket last night. Kyle is away for today and tomorrow on a short retreat but we're going to pick him up at the Three Mountains Retreat Center when he's done. Unfortunately, there won't be even one mountain in view.

Lillian's new thing is saying "up down up down" over and over while bouncing and touching the ground. Still not quite able to jump.