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Photo Shoot #82

Alive and well here in Waco. Enjoying a somewhat mild summer with lots of rain. Kyle has been busy with classes but had time to construct a play/climbing structure for Lillian in the backyard. Lilly and Kyle have also enjoyed the Baylor pool giving me a chance to workout. She still is not closing her mouth before going under the water, but seems to have fun anyway.

Next week Kyle's parents come for a visit and we'll head to Austin and San Antonio area to explore for a couple days. I just arranged to head to Durham with Lillian for 9 days starting August 17. So we'll have some nice family visits before the fall starts. Kyle starts classes on August 20 so he won't come to Durham unfortunately.

Matt and Hannah celebrate

Phillip Scott Hawkins, born 18 July 2007 at 0948 HST, 7lbs 4oz and 20 inches in length.

Here he is at home and loving life.

Beach trip anyone?

I'm not quite sure when this was taken, 96 or 97 maybe? Or earlier? We all look so young. Anyway, just missing the family trips to the beach.

(We just got a printer/scanner so you may be seeing a bunch of oldies in the next few months.)


Lillian May, one day old

It's getting hot folks

Okay so the harsh heat is upon us now. An afternoon walk is not really a good idea. Lillian and I both came back red and sweaty. Anyone out there willing to finance a swimming pool for the backyard, let us know.



We went to the parade this morning missing the rain just barely. Although we didn't know anyone it was still fun to join in. And next year will make it a tradition. As I'd mentioned, Lillian was not feeling well earlier in the week with some virus and unfortunately Kyle caught it after spending all day with her. It seems to be a lot worse for him. Oh well, he doesn't like fireworks anyway.

We spent some time at the park this afternoon. We had it all to ourselves except for a group of guys that were playing soccer/volleyball (yes, I thought about joining in).

Motiono by kwelty - Upload videos
It looks like she has mastered this playground equipment (for 2-5 year old). Although the next move was accidentally going down the slide backwards.

The Third of July

We have been enjoying lots of family time these past couple of days. Kyle finished his German class last Friday and the exam over the weekend. But only one more day of holiday before he starts his second summer session. He'll have a couple weeks in August too.

Depending on the weather tomorrow I'm hoping we'll attend a neighborhood parade. Though I didn't decorate her stroller with red white and blue ribbons, I know Lillian will enjoy the entertainment and stimulation. And a cookout is in order too!

Lillian has not been feeling that well yesterday and today. I think she must have caught the flu from a kid at church. But you wouldn't know it from her behavior. Just as happy as ever.

Have a great Fourth of July dear family and friends. It would be nice to be together like we were last year, or in 2005, or in 2001, or in 1999, or in 1989 ...

Happy Canada Day