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Lillian's special day

Class trip to the zoo, Mrs Reid and Ms. Clancy (at top)

 Miss Clancy was Lillian's Baylor teacher.  I love her sentence about being a "world changer."

Each student received an award from their teacher and two students in each class received an award from the PE and Music teachers.  



Sleeping beauties


Swim Lessons

We are in the last week of swim lessons and then the outdoor pool opens SaturdayMonday Saturday. The kids are all doing great.

'T' stands for Trouble

Our boys have decided that they are in immediate need of a snack upon rising in the morning.  And since their parents are still in bed, they have decided that they can provide for themselves.

The other day Kyle and I found them with a number of ice cream sandwiches though fortunately only one had been opened.  I guess Jack had pushed the chair up to the freezer to retrieve them.

I keep telling them that when they wake up in the morning to stay in their room and play quietly (unless it's still dark outside, then they are suppose to go back to sleep).

Today I thought they did really well.  But when I got back from dropping off Lillian (she goes early b/c she enjoys eating breakfast there), Kyle had found the boys wereactually busy helping themselves with a nice snack.  Crackers and jelly, or just jelly.

Can't get enough of the CPZ

Another great morning at the zoo here in Waco.  We are so fortunate!  The three toad sloth came down and greeted us today, first time ever.  We got to see the baby tigers (not so little anymore) playing and running around.  And the weather was perfect.  

Katie's Day

Happy Mother's Day to our mother extrordinaire, Katie (aka, Momma, Mama Snuggles, etc.).  We love her and are very grateful to her--she's the best.

Kite Fest 2012

We made it back to the kite festival again (last year) and this year we remembered to bring Kyle who remembered to bring the camera.  It was over 90 degrees out so we only lasted 90 minutes I'd say.  It was definitely entertaining and something different to do.  Each of the kids got a free kite and even Wesley was successful at flying on his own.  
Next year I think we'll bring our swim suits so we can jump into the lake after!

Busy days

We started swim lessons at the Y this week. All three of the kids had a blast. We'll be there three nights a week for the month of May plus I still need to get my workouts in on as many mornings possible.

Wes had his appt directly after mops this morning and once again we know nothing more. Both fell asleep on the car ride home at 1:15.

I'll try to get some pics of the lessons on Friday since Kyle will prob join us. I have to be in the pool with Wes of course.

Kyle gave his exam today and will hopefully get the grading done right away. No decisions about traveling yet but will you know ASAP!