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Summer Adventures (cont.)

In photos:

(Trying to put this together made me realize that we need to take more family videos and better trip ones.  Maybe since Kyle is with us and no babies it'll be easier to get some good shots.  We'll see....)

Summer Adventures

I'm doing this partly for my own memory's sake.  And I am only able to complete with the help of Kyle and photos.  The many years blend together definitely.

2006 - Fly to NC for Matt and Hannah's wedding in early July.  Move to Waco end of July.

2007 - Summer of visitors.  We stayed in Waco and Kevin, M/D Hawkins, Jim/Jul, M/D Welty, Pete/Rita visited us.  Kyle had classes in June.

2008 - Travel with Kevin to Grand Canyon.  Car dies west of Flagstaff.  Rent a car for the rest of trip to Matt and Hannah's in WA.  Stay there 3 months, lots of visitors and adventures!

2009 - Drive to NC, stay in MD for 6 weeks (Kyle working with Kelsey)!  Leave Kyle, drive to Ohio for a brief visit and then down to Durham to pick up Mom for the drive back to Waco.  See Hawkins cousins on the way.

2010 - Kyle's month at SMU. Renovating the bathrooms (while Mom W watches the kids). Drive to Ohio, then MD, then to NC for a wedding and week at the beach. And drive home again (with Mom I …

Our characters

-"I'm your worst nightmare" Wesley says as he stomps into his room looking for Jack.
-"Nickels" Jack's nickname for Lillian this morning.
-Fanny-packs are back.
-Lillian counting down the weeks until Kentucky.
-Kyle and I searching and searching for a replacement for the Volvo, nothing yet.
-Kyle writing exams.
-11 ant bites on Wesley's right hand.
-Slight sunburn from morning park visit.
-Campfire and fun on Friday night.
-Allergy season keeps on going...
-Planning for summer adventures!