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Photo of the Day


More of Uncle Kevin's Visit

These are more pictures during Kevin's stay this past week, and the pics are from his camera. He played a lot of games with Lillian and showed fun video clips on the computer. Thanks for all the help! In one shot Lillian's hiding place was (and usually is) quite evident. Also shown is Jack playing with his new truck (from Kevin), family shot on the couch, and J and L at the grocery store.

Don't worry

Last night I was busy with Lillian while Jack finished some food on his tray in the dining room. He started to fuss once his food was gone and he realized he was all alone. Lillian shouted to him "Jesus is with you."
Just in case some of you forgot what a precious little baby boy I had; here's a photo from Nov 13 2008.
As you can see Lillian and Jack had a lot of fun in the tub last night. And Kyle had a lot of fun documenting it. I was in the kitchen and enjoyed listening to their squeals and laughter. Though at one point it turned to crying... After Jack had been taken out and dressed in pajamas it was Lillian's turn to dry off. She whined about wanting to play with Jack some more. Kyle commented that she has a lifetime of opportunity to play with him - not to worry. So despite the almost three year difference they seem to be making it work just fine.

Tonight we are looking forward to Uncle Kevin's arrival and finally a birthday celebration with cake!

A frog and a goose

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts for Jack. We had a semi-celebration with just the family yesterday and opened gifts and cards. A cake is planned for the near future with more people, perhaps Uncle Kevin...

This video is Jack playing with his new frog from the Port Orchard, WA Hawkins family. He really thought it was hilarious, plus it was bedtime so he was a bit slap-happy. If you are forgetting or wondering why we call him Goose, it's due to his incessant "wing" flapping days. He's calmed down a bit over the months but still tends to wave his bent arms about when he's impatient or excited. He's a Goose!

Happy Birthday Goose!!!

Photos from our visit to the zoo this morning. Kyle picked out his birthday outfit. It's a perfect day to celebrate one year.

Our dearest Jack Robert Welty is one year old!
Here's us trying to get a decent family shot for a potential Christmas photo. Looks like we'll need a couple more tries.

The perfect family with 2.5 kids.

Who me?

Couch support

Neither were/are walking here without support. Lillian was just over a year old and Jack just under.