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Curly headed Lilly May

This girl has been wanting me to curl her hair to show off to her friends at school.  We followed this idea from Pinterest and it worked pretty well.  We did it Sunday night with wet hair and she slept on it and it was still wavy when she went off to school this morning (Wednesday).  It was a little over the top curly when she left for school Monday morning but by the time I picked her up it was perfect.

Park Visit

Kyle may have gone a little crazy with his lovely camera.  I'm sure he just could not help himself.  So I decided to make a slideshow and put them all up. Unfortunately this method destroys the quality of the photo but you get the idea.  
And yes, these are from awhile ago.  I know I'm way behind in posts.

Our musically talented kid

Let me just say that hearing him LIVE is beyond spectacular!

Boys first day of school

Jack and Wes started Mother's Day out last week.  It is Tuesday/Thursday from 9-2:30.  This is a picture of Jack on his first day.  Wesley refused to have his pic taken and I was in a hurry to get out the door since I am working there in the three year old classroom (but not with Jack) and we have to be there by 8:30.  So far the boys and I are doing great and really enjoying ourselves.  The day goes quickly although we are all tired out by the time we get home.