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oh Lillian

"You know the red circle thing with the dot...?  Can we go there?  And go to the girls part and buy something for me?  Can we?

PJ Boys

Yesterday we didn't go anywhere.  Kyle even picked Lillian up from school.  So the boys stayed in their pjs most of the day.  Funny enough, they went out to play about 5 and put on some real clothes but then put the pjs back on about 90 minutes later.  I'm still battling with allergies though had some relief with our torrential rain storm a couple nights ago.  But Wes is the one that looks considerably worse.  His skin is so broken out and as soon as he steps outside his nose starts running crazy.

I hope all of you are rooting on the Baylor Bears tonight vs Xavier.  Go Bears!!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you Kyle!
(thanks to the Baylor Bears for making it to the sweet sixteen)

Just because

I can't seem to think very well these days because allergies are killing me.  I definitely feel like I'm in a constant fog, hopefully it will lift soon.  We are all battling a little bit of a cough or runny nose, time-outs from pushing, hitting, mean words, etc, scrapes on knees and bumps on heads, rain, and sunshine.

Lillian is on spring break this week and we'll try to hang out with friends, go to the zoo, lots of visits to the Y, maybe even a dip in the indoor pool with the kids (!).