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It dropped 40 degrees last night. it was snowing in Waco today though not at our house, just ice. Guess I got my wish.

Second Thoughts

After seeing recent photos of Vancouver I'm taking back what I said a couple days ago. It's absolutely beautiful there!! Well, maybe we'll get some snow for Christmas in Ohio.

Here's one from yesterday. Lilly enjoying the sun and cheerios.

Vancouver VS. Waco Update

As most of you have heard we are trying hard not to compare Waco with Vancouver, however Waco would have received one point this past week. As you see in the pictures above it snowed pretty hard the other day (that's Lillian's boy--friend Jake). But they've also been receiving a ton of rain lately, so much so that residents are having to boil water. On our end of things we've had a couple of beautiful days. The picture was taken out on campus after a football game with friends. They lost, hence the look on Lillian's face.

Lilly has also turned out to be a huge Wheaton Women's Soccer fan so she wore her Wheaton T-shirt this weekend since they were in the Final Four on Friday and Saturday. They beat The College of New Jersey 2-0 on Saturday to win the NCAA DIII Championship. Go Wheaton!!!

The other pic is of her staying up-to-date with all the Regent news. She's a big reader.

Autumn Reflections

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Day for the first time in five years and the first ever of course for Lillian. It's beautiful outside with temperatures in the 70's so we are going to get out and take advantage today. Kyle has a football game with friends and Lillian and I will cheer on though she'll probably spend most of her time eating leaves. They must taste good this time of year.

Wedding Shots

John Friesen and Karen Mulle wedding on November 11 at Blacknall Pres. Durham, NC.

Cakes from Mad Hatter!!!

Lilly and I had a nice long visit in Durham that included John and Karen's wedding and spending lots of time with Mom and Dad and Rachel. I'm glad we got to go for a bit especially since Rachel will be leaving for Uganda in January for 14 months. Call or email her to find out more!!

The Miner Great-Grandkids

Ruthie and JT, The Polaks and Lilly and I got together over a weekend in Dallas. It was a lot of fun to see cousins and cousins' kids. Let's keep adding to the numbers?!