Waco Good-byes

I don't really know the best way to describe our good-bye to Waco.  It felt a little pathetic actually, going out with a whimper.  You know how restaurants have soft openings before the Grand opening? Well, this felt like a soft closing.  I guess because Kyle had already moved down in August 2015 and we spent most of 2015-2016 planning our Waco departure.  And then when it finally came there wasn't much to do.  I kept saying I was going to plan a good-bye party but summer seems like a bad time with so many people out of town. We didn't do our best to say good-bye to everyone but I think that's because no one really likes saying good-bye.  (Hellos are so much better.)

Here are some pics from our final visits around town and from the last week or so in Waco.
The famous children's climbing tree at church

Picture in the courtyard at St Pauls

One more jump in the pool at the Lazy R


And...climbing trees even at Chuys

The new fountain on the quad at Baylor
Torchys, yum

Packed up and down to one bed. They can still do it!
Loading up

One more shot of our Live Oak that we had a ongoing love/hate relationship with
After M/D Welty and Kyle drove away with the truck August 1st, the kids and I stayed in Waco for 2 more weeks because our house in McAllen would not be available until Aug 15, plus we had the closing.  Plus plus, we needed more time to say goodbye to friends. 
School friends, preschool friends, and then neighbors. 
Speegleville friends

Mom friends, the best kind

Preschool buddies, goodbyes at the pool

Our Waco family

More pool goodbyes (and why would you make your kids stand in sun in August)
Since the truck was gone with all our stuff we slept on the floor. And I still needed to clean, get rid of a couch, get rid of garage junk, etc.  By the time we packed up the Pilot with all the bits, there was no room left.  I do not like going down the highway without good visibility, but there was no other way.  And, we survived!

Indoors tenting
The tent idea was fun but not very practical.  The first problem was that it was a lot bigger than I realized and barely fit in the room. The next problem was that you can't stake the tent when it's inside.  Nope you can't.  So we tried to use heavy items on the inside corners to keep it supported or spread out.  It worked for a couple nights.  But then the kids decided they didn't really like the noises from sleeping in the dining room, at the back of the house. And so we all just slept in one of the bedrooms together and I packed up the tent, and it was now just another thing that would take up space in the Pilot.

Almost empty living room, it looks so little in this shot

I think this is driving to the closing. No room left in the car.


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