Not feeling too good around here

I thought I'd be able to get in a fun April Fools Day post but we are all serious around here today.  I don't know what's going around but it's not good.  Tuesday night Jack starting throwing up (but slept well during the night), he seemed to be better during the day with only one other episode.  But now it's spread to Wesley who spent most of the night throwing up or trying to throw up.  I slept in Jack's bed so that I could be close to Wes and after finally getting some longer sleep, got woken up with the news that Lillian had gotten sick in her bed too!  Lots of laundry and cleaning up and now my stomach is quite shaky.  I'm hoping to pull through with no incidents....

Kyle was convinced to stay home today.  Here is a pic of Lillian when she had a horrible cold when she was just over 1 year old.


Bethany said…
I'm so sorry! Hope you are all feeling better soon.
YUCK!!!! Hopefully you have enough sheets on hand so you don't have to do too much laundry today.

Cute pic of Lillian. Gemma is now proudly using that bib.

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