School starts

We are trying to settle in as best we can although there is still lots of painting, unpacking, and cleaning to be done. Plus we still need to acquire some more furniture. We bought a fridge, washing machine and dryer last week. An ice maker was a must.

It's great. We are in our house, it still feels funny every time we pull into the driveway! I'll plan to post some pictures as soon as I take a couple of us standing by it outside.

Kyle's parents were here for 5 days or so helping with painting and getting unpacked. We are at least able to sit in a living room that's painted, green. And we can eat dinner at the table. And of course Lillian has most of her toys out and about, mainly her swing that helps to keep her occupied.

Kyle is currently at his second day of orientation, classes start next week. Baylor's campus is really beautiful and we are enjoying the city of Waco as well even though I did have my doubts.

Lillian and I walked to a small Farmer's Market for some peaches and tomatoes. I'm excited because it looks like the Library here is better than I thought . We will going get our Library cards this afternoon maybe. It's also walkable, probably only 20-30 minutes away. But since it's been in the hundreds for more than a week I don't think I'll be doing any midday walking.


rach said…
nice! can't wait to come visit....
Anonymous said…
So glad to hear an update! Who'd have ever thought that you'd have an ice maker? Any good yard sales around there? How are the neighbors? We're thinking of you three a lot and praying for a good start for Kyle.
Anonymous said…
Sounds exciting! Wish I could see my niece in the swing. Will you get her a jumper that hangs from the doorframe? Then she can become bow-legged like I - but I forgave Mom for that.

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