Baylor Sports

Right before spring break we went to a softball game.  Kyle has two girls in his classes that play on the team.  We had a brief picnic before.  It was a bit cooler out than we'd anticipated, mainly due to the wind.  The boys and I only stayed for 45 minutes.  Lillian and Kyle stayed, though the game was called  when Baylor pulled ahead by a lot.  They then stayed through the afternoon and went to a men's basketball game that night.  That was when they beat Kansas by over 20 points.  

Sunday we went to an Acrobatics and Tumbling event.  Kyle again has a couple girls from the team in his class.  One girl is one of their major stars.  We thought the boys would love this since they are so into back flips but once again it only kept their attention for a short while before they wanted to run the aisles.

See Robert Griffin III on the big screen, he was in attendance for the game.  


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