2013 BU Football Season

As some of you know, we were (and still are) very excited about the BU football season.  Katie's enthusiasm has increased quite dramatically over the last couple of years.  Other than some lingering confusion about the ball breaking the plane of the goal line, she knows pretty much all there is to know about football.  

We made it to a number of games, and here are some of the pictures.

BU-Wofford: way too hot, as you can see

BU-ULM: front row of the end zone, which put the kids right in the action

since we made it through the whole game, we went out on the field afterward

BU-OU: a cool night, 'Black Out'; just Katie & Kyle thanks to a friend watching the kids

TT-BU: Kyle and a friend went up to this game at the Cowboys' stadium

BU-UT: freezing cold (20s); for the BIG XII championship; last game at Floyd Casey Stadium

Be sure to watch the Bears in the Fiesta Bowl on the evening of January 1st.


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