June 12- 25, 2014

Day 15: Blackberry picking in Oglesby, Mcgregor park fun, home for lunch, Lucas Miller the singing zoologist at the library, CP park and walk along the Brazos, dinner, bed.

Day 16: Morning at home, lunch and swim, naps, Spain/Netherlands, errands, pickup Daddy, Chuys, The Love Bug movie. 

Day 17: McGregor track meet, drive-by bday party, lunch and naps, Skype with Jaja and Grandpa, soccer, Aldi run, dinner, daughter/Daddy date, soccer.


Day 19: VBS @ FBCW, lunch, chores, nap/reading, play, World Cup, dinner, movie/more World Cup.

Day 20: VBS, mama time!, mall, naps/making gak, laundry, run and swim @ Baylor, anniversary dinner (ha!), reading, bed.

Day 21 of summer: no milk breakfast, VBS, lunch with friends, late naps, chores, dinner with daddy, Hot Lead and Cold Feet.

Day 22: VBS, lunch and naps at home, dentist (brave Jack, ouch!), dinner, Go Fish concert, Lillian sleepover, Sonic shakes.

Day 23: goodbye to two kitties, last day VBS, zoo visit and seeing baby orangutan, chill time, Rowdy Taco time with Dr. Rios, blackberry dump cake, bed.

Day 24: nothing!! A little cleaning, watching, playing, watching futbol, strawberries and whipped cream, and dinner in front of the tv.

Day 25: sick kids, church for mama & Wes, breakfast tacos, World Cup, lay around, games, World Cup, chips & guac and cookout, World Cup!! 

Day 26: better kids, but stayed at home to get to 100% and go to VBS tomorrow. Reading, playing, watching.

Day 27 of summer: VBS, lunch & naps, Y for swim and dinner with friends, U-swirl, caught in a downpour!, Herbie goes bananas, bed.

Day 28: Goodbye to Cheeto, VBS, lunch on a bus, naps, fussing, mom to work, dinner and games with daddy.


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