First two weeks of summer

These are my posts from Instagram logging our daily adventures starting with the first day of summer.

Day 1: friends, park, P/T conference, library, slurpee, park, Freddie's frozen custard, and an awesome play.

 Day 2: sleep in, read library books, Netflix, homemade mint tea, Aldi run, naps, and an awesome play.

 Day 3: thrift store, pool, lunch by Dad, naps, birthday party/Jason's Deli, and an awesome play.

Day 4 of summer: church, an awesome play and cast party, moms night out, yard work, cookout and trampoline water fun.

Day 5: flip flop shopping, strawberries, books on cd quiet time, spray park, car to the shop, track practice, corn on the cob, photo booth fun.

Day 6: Take Dad to work, chores, Hewitt park with Toby girls, Taco Casa, thrift store, rests, pick up daddy, Baris, evening swim.

Day 7: New runners, wash car and yard work, create summer bucket list, lunch, naps, pick up Daddy and car at shop, track practice, dinner and swim at the Y, Tutti Frutti time!

Day 8 of Summer: slow start, park with friends, lunch, naps/creative time, tv, pool, dinner, family movie night.

Day 9: Play at home and chores day. Afternoon swim and rd. 2 of The Apple Dumpling Gang!

Day 10: Home Depot kids workshop, HEB, thrift store, lunch, library summer reading party, naps, pad Thai, evening swim

Day 11: Church, family clean up with music, pancakes for lunch, naps, family dinner making, visit and dinner with dear friends.

Day 12: Heavy rain=inside play, tv, Annie, naps, dinner prep, track practice, late dinner, family reading.

Day 13: VBS mtg, storyteller at library, free lunch, Lula Jane's, dentist, swim, picnic dinner, and finally home for chores and bed.

Day 14: Biscuit Brothers in Austin, picnic on the Capitol lawn, touring the State Capitol bldg, Blue Hole swimming in Georgetown, home, track practice, Jason's Deli, bed! 


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